The implementation concept of K2 Consult is based on creation of a central enterprise resource planning system for the customer that meets the international management requirements and strict auditing standards. The solution should combine all company divisions into a single IT infrastructure; provide control and correction opportunities for key business processes; create tools for analysis and planning of customer and supplier interactions.

The key concept element is the introduction of a unified set of strictly regulated business processes integrated in the advanced technological platform. All key processes of enterprise management are integrated into a single system: sales, service, accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), finance, marketing and human resources.

Thanks to this thorough work on our implementation concept K2 now has universal implementation template, which includes a complete set of best-practice business, and a software package for their successful implementation. This allows us to solve the following customer issues in a fast and efficient manner:

  • Unify business practices in all divisions
  • Implement effective and transparent business processes
  • Radically improve labor productivity, reduce the amount of unproductive personnel
  • Create unified system for collection and analysis of financial data and management reports
  • Develop and implement company-wide KPI system
  • Eliminate duplicate functions of various divisions: sales, service, finance, accounting, planning, logistics, HR, IT
  • Implement employee KPI system
  • Reduce direct and indirect IT costs

Full-scale business processes automation requires a wide range of SAP solutions: SAP ERP platform serves as a basis. SAP CRM is key to marketing and CRM processes; SAP BCM solution is used for automation of the contact center and integration. Financial and management reports, business planning are managed with the help SAP ERP and SAP BI modules.